DEMO Clippin' Coupon Mama Design: April 2012   

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clippin' Coupon Mama
PreMade Design Demo

A DEMO site from for the Clippin' Coupon Mama PreMade Design.  This design comes in a few different options ...

1.  Blogger - $29 DIY 

DIY - meaning Do It Yourself.  I've prepared the whole design for you ... and I've packaged it with super easy-to-understand instructions.   
  • It's QUICK!  You can have your new design up in a matter of minutes.  Immediately after your purchase you'll be emailed the instructions for you to get all set.  
  • It's SIMPLE!  It's as easy as copying and pasting. I'll give you the exact code for the design ... and all you have to do is copy and paste it into your site.  Easy. 
  • Included with the {Coupon Clippin' Mama} DIY Design are the following:

2.  Blogger - $69 Personalized PreMade

Not comfortable handing the install yourself?  Want a few extra options?  Then the Personalized PreMade is the choice for you.
  • It's EASY!  I take care of everything for you!  I'll personalize your header with your info, and I'll do the full install for ya.
  • It's FAST! I do my very best to install Personalized PreMade designs within 2 business days of an order received.
  • Options Galore!  Many more options available here:  With the Personalized PreMade,  I'm able to add in a few extra things.  I include a beautiful stock character in the header ... and there is a list of available add-ons (for a small additional fee) that can be added in.  For example ... a co-ordinating blog button, a navigational menu bar, and a post signature.  Please see all the available options here >>

3.  WordPress - $99 Personalized PreMade

  • It's an UNBELIEVABLE Value!  You can have a professionally designed and personalized site on WordPress for only $99!!  
  • It's Fast!  I do my very best to install Personalized PreMade designs within 2 business days of an order received.
  • As with the Blogger Personalized PreMade above, the WordPress version comes with lots of optional add-ons as well.  Please click to learn more about the {Clippin' Coupon Mama} PreMade Design for WordPress >>

Thanks for checking out the Shayna PreMade Demo from!  As always, I welcome your questions!  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  No question is too big, small, or silly!  I'd love to hear from you!